break up or not.

You’re not in love.
But you think you’re in love.
But you’ll know in the future.
Oh, the love I had at the time was half-hearted little love.

And one of the things that people think is that they find the right person through a lot of love experiences.
But actually, this is half right and half wrong.
Was he a good person to the other person during his first relationship?
In the process of meeting many people, getting old and growing old, I’m becoming a good person myself.
Those people are intertwined and mixed, and they meet again. And you’re mistaken.
I met a good person because I’ve been in a lot.
It’s just a process of growing and growing up.

PS. 100% sure, the writer regrets whether you break up or not.
That’s not what the writer does. That’s what humans do.

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